Friday, December 31, 2010

From Beginning to End

There is no end in Jesus..He said "It is Finished" because we live in a time framed world and we needed to hear our Savior Cry out "It is Finished" so that we don't have to look Christ we are a New Creation..From Beginning to End..we are chosen to bring Him Glory! We are Complete..Apart from Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior I can do Jesus who strengthens me I can do all things from Beginning to End..Continue in an imitator of our Heavenly Father..He is Faithful always..God is Good..All the Time..Let us be still and know he is God! I thank him for Grace..He will give us the Grace to pass the test in life and bless us to know His Wisdom and Love Let us call on the name above all names..Jesus..He alone can save us..and show us things we don't know yet!

Happy New Year in 2011!

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Friday, March 9, 2007

Bringing forth the Blessing in You

Every Christian has been blessed...given the empowerment to get godly results....Proverbs 10;22 says the Blessing maketh....That is great but many christians find themselves in cursed after day even with the blessing in them they still struggle with what they reaped in wickedness....Disobedience, adulteress ways as in James 4 verses 1-6 We need to humble ourselves daily to God.....

In a message preached today by Dr. Creflo Dollar I was inspired to blog on this subject...Glory be to God! He said there are
four ways to "Withdraw on the Blessing"
A.)Obedience (Duet. 28;1-2)"Success is the result of Obedience" Dr.Creflo Dollar
Four ways to unblock the blessing in area of obedience
1)What is first in your life Things or God? get rid of all in the way of putting God first...Seek God First.
2)Are you living a godly lifestyle or have you accepted the worldly ways? Titus 2;11-14
3)Are you walking in the Love of God or do you have Strife or Unforgiveness

B)Faithfulness (Proverbs 28;20) Faithful people are richly bless....people who look to get rich quick are sad.
1)The Lord Teaches us Matthew 11;28-31 He is humble and meek....He was smart and taught with authority...we need to heed his teachings and be obedient....creating new habits and ways of thinking
2) Are you reliable? Are you Trustworthy? Full of Love for the Cross....Or are you DoubleMinded?
3)Do things God's way....Let go of the old man, the old way of doing things; Proverbs 23;4 Love Wisdom and you will learn a new way of flowing in the blessing

C.Be Pure in Heart
1. don't let the blessing get blocked with quick to confess and forgive and cast your cares at the cross.
2. Be as a child....having Faith and thanksgiving in all you do.....Don't hesitate to bless the Lord...Psalms 2;7 Kiss the King! Thank Him for the kisses!

D. The Tithing Exchange....Malachi 3;10...its very important to be faithful in giving of your first fruits and show good stewardship even in the small things....Give Cheerfully!


Thursday, March 8, 2007

Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord!
Wisdom is Supreme...Get It! Proverbs 4;6-9
I'm so blessed with the way the Holy Spirit gently reminds us of how important it is to Keep Learning...Keep Seeking...Keep Knocking....Keep asking...We are all fallen short of the Glory of God...but it doesn't stop there....for when we are born again as in John 3...the Holy Spirit comes in us and we are able to get help,Peace that passes all Understanding, Knowledge, Inspiration to Get Wisdom....How can I know where to find this Heavenly Sent Wisdom?....well Matthew 11;28-31 Jesus says come and I'll be your teacher....Thank you heavenly father for giving us your Son and leaving your sweet Holy Spirit til your work on earth is done...Your Kingdom come Your Will be done here on earth as it is in Heaven! Matthew 6;6&9 7;7&28 He teaches with authority Psalms 23 for your staff and your rod they comfort me....Thank you Lord for when I am weak you are strong....My soul delights in my God....He lives and Reigns and Is more than precious the world says diamonds are a girls best to me...Jesus is a friend that sticks closer than a brother...Romans 8;21 for in being children of God we all have Glorious Freedom...He has healed me and saved me...I praise Him today and always! Jeremiah 17;14 I testify today that I have tasted and know God is Good...All the Time...Hallelujah!
When I'm sad He makes me glad...When I'm down He brings me up to be Higher and Higher....Hallelujah! This is the day the Lord has Made and Yes I rejoice and am glad in it! From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same...I sing...Ha Ha Hallelujah...cuz this world can't take away his love from me....I'm saved and He alone gives me true Joy! May you too find Wisdom....Joy...and True Love!
Lovingly in Christ, Maria